Community Programs

Greater Generations is excited to introduce new programs
and activities to Lucas County and surrounding areas.

By working together to provide safe and positive activities, criminal involvement among youth will be reduced.
Juveniles will regain trust, build respect, and open lines of effective communication throughout the community.

Outdoor Maintenance

Allowing community youth to gain real work experience through opportunities from our community partners.

Community Partners

Allowing agencies and community leaders to increase networking, share resources, and support revitalization.

Youth Development Programs

Teen Parents

This program will advertise available resources to teen parents and pregnancies.

Youth Housing

The Youth Housing program will be designed to teach youth the value of a home. Youth will learn what it is to pay bills, maintain a budget, maintain a clean and stable home.

Youth Entrepreneurs

Focuses on developing career goals within minority youth, encouraging the need to set realistic goals.

Teen Transportation & Driver

Greater Generations will work with youth to prevent or correct the loss of driving privileges. As well as assist in finding affordable transportation to low-income families in need.

Family Building & Parental Involvement

A developmental measure to study the difference between youth with strong parental involvement and those who are without.

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